Tested for Compliance and Reliability

exploded diagramCompliancy, and the customer's ability to deliver it in a real world environment, has been at the forefront of our thinking throughout the RadioConnect2 product development. Type Approval no longer provides a ‘fallback position’ and all parties now need to demonstrate how they achieve and ensure compliancy. Hollco is committed to supporting you in achieving roadside compliancy, working with you in collaboration for the long term.

The RadioConnect2 was submitted to a wide range of stringent tests by external test houses to demonstrate compliance with applicable standards and to assure the robustness of our design:

  • Shock and vibration
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Water ingress
  • EMC

The controller software was robustly tested agaisnt a comprehensive schedule of requirements to demonstrate the system will be safe and reliable in operation.

software test
 Production Testing

Every unit is tested against a formal production test specification. This ensures that all RadioConnect2 units leaving the factory are fully functional and fit for deployment.

Production Tracking

Cradle to grave record keeping system tracks the history of every RadioConnect2 unit. Serial numbers recorded at manufacture and all warranty and service activity is captured.


Temp testshock vibration test