Simple to operate

control panelThe controller is mounted in the back of the signal head, housed behind the flap door. The door is lockable while in use to prevent unauthorised access during operation.

The control panel features:

  • Intuitive and easy to use controls - minimal training required
  • Eye level control panel
  • Easy to read OLED display - status available on master and slave units
  • Weather-sealed panel, secured behind a magnetically latched 
access flap door
  • Quick-start user guide located on flap door for easy reference
  • Optional PanelCast for Wi-Fi control of signals from any browser-capable mobile phone 
or tablet (available Autumn 2018)

The operator is required to configure each RadioConnect2 unit as one of the following types:

 MASTER -  Only one controller in a set of Signals (2, 3 or 4 way) can be designated as the ‘Master’ controlling the set at any one time. All other units should be configured as a slave or secondary phases. The Master controller determines the overall operation of the system according to the selected configuration, mode and time settings. There must be exactly one Master controller in the system. The Master controller always provides phase 1, but also provides mimic and timing displays for all phases across the system. Configuration and setup of the system is performed at the Master controller and is the only unit from which manual control of the system can be performed.

pairing id
SLAVE - Slaves are primary controllers which signal as instructed by the Master controller. Slave controllers can be configured to operate as phases 2, 3 or 4 as required. A Slave unit does not allow the operator to control signal timings but does display status information including mimics and battery levels.

SECONDARY - Secondary controllers follow signals instructed to another primary controller and are provided for use in situations where more than one signal is required on an approach. 


SLAVE and SECONDARY controllers must be paired with a MASTER controller in order to communicate. Pairing units is a simple process that can be completed wirelessly. This is achieved by programming the Unit ID of the MASTER controller into all of the SLAVE and SECONDARY controllers - see diagram.


OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS LABEL - The quick start label, shown below, is situated inside the control panel door flap and helps the operator run through the various steps needed to get the signals operational.

Operation label