RadioConnect2 Standard Specification

Function Master or Slave
Battery Power Technology 2 off Deep Cycle AGM (104AH)
Battery Charger @2 off IP66 600w integrated chargers
Charge Supply Voltage 110V AC Only
System Operation Time Up to 18 days
System Charge Time 12 hours recommended, typically 6 to 9 hours
Traffic Phases 2 phase up to 4 phase as standard
Signal Aspects Low Power LED Approved to BS EN 12368
Signal Dimming Integrated dimming for night-time operation
Extendable Handles Integrated
Detection AGD 302 Smart Radar Approved to TR2504
Charge Supply Voltage 110V AC Only
System Function Type Approval: Designed for compliance with TOPAS 2502B
System Range 5 to 500m subject to line of sight variations.
Weight 130kg
Security Fully integrated design
External Charge Point Integrated 110V 16A 4H


RadioConnect2 Tripod

The RadioConnect2 Tripod offers the same innovative technology but in a compact form factor suitable for transport in a wide range of vehicles. With an integral battery and unique tripod design for use on uneven ground, the RadioConnect2 Tripod is the ideal solution when rapid deployment is needed to keep traffic flowing.*

*Available Autumn 2018